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A good dental hygiene plans for your teeth

Periodontal disease and dental caries can be prevented by a successful and proper dental hygiene program recommended by San Bruno dentist. A correct dental hygiene program often consists of the following aspects:

1. Regular tooth brushing methods properly.
2. Appropriate eating habits and good diet.
3. Using fluoride water and other fluoride-containing substances correctly
4. Visiting dentist in your local frequently


All these factors can offer you optimum oral health, free from periodontal disease and dental caries. According to the dentist in San Bruno, the limited consumption of foods and a good healthy diet which contribute to dental decay are the initial steps to have a successful dental hygiene plan. Naturally, our mouth is not habited by acid forming bacteria. These bacteria feed on sugars and starches. Acid is created when bacteria act on sugar or starch or. When acid is created, it causes enamel degradation, which is the beginning point of any dental caries. Due to this reason, it is crucial to reduce as much as possible, avoid foods that contain a large amount of starch and sugar. Examples of these foods are richly filled doughnuts, pastries, and peanut butter. These foods are particularly harmful to our teeth because these have the tendency to stick to the surfaces of our tooth. Sweetened canned fruits with heavy syrup, and sweetened fruit juices, and citrus-flavored candies are types of foods which are also rich in sugar content. Breath sweeteners, chewing gums, and carbonated beverages are harmful because they have large amounts of sugar but also because the frequency we ingest them. Artificially sweetened drinks or foods, and chewing gum are better choices for us.


The next step in the proper dental hygiene program is to brush teeth regularly with right techniques. The dentist in San Bruno often advise us to brush the teeth from 2 to 3 times per day but if you are keen on maintaining a good dental hygiene program, you should brush after every meal and after eating any extra food in between. A good brushing method will eliminate the food particles staying in between the teeth and in the natural fissures and pits of the chewing surfaces of the teeth. This can also get rid of the plaque sticking to the surfaces of the teeth. Eliminating the food particles on our teeth can also help prevent halitosis and foul breath. Nevertheless, halitosis can also be the results of several other factors including a badly deteriorated tooth, eating typical types of foods like onion or garlic and infections of the sinuses, tonsils, or throat. An important part you can carry out to have a good dental hygiene program is to use floss to remove food particles trapped between the teeth or between them. Foods particles lodged in between the teeth can be eliminated by dental floss.

Sometimes ill-fitting, worn out and old dental appliances like dentures, bridges, and orthodontic appliances can cause gum irritation. These dental appliances should also be taken care of in the same way to natural teeth. All removable dental appliances should be gotten rid of after every meal as well as cleaned by a special brush. Don't let food particles accumulate in these appliances. Rinse the appliance with running water when it is impossible to clean it thoroughly with a brush so that food particles can be removed. Soak the appliance overnight once or twice a week in a solution of sodium hypochlorite. This solution helps remove stains on the dental appliance.

Using fluoride water is another essential step to keep a good dental hygiene. Fluoride water and its products can assist to prevent dental caries. Besides, it is also able to strengthen the enamel. 

The last step in keeping good oral hygiene is to visit your best dentist in San Bruno regularly. People should carry out this step when we were 3 years old. Normally, it is recommended that we should go to the dental clinic to check our dental health every 6 months. The dentist can help us to check the situation of our teeth as well as gives useful advice so that we can have a successful dental hygiene plan. 

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